2016 RBC YFF Mentorship Program

The RBC Yorkton Film Festival Mentorship Program is a three ­year initiative designed with the intent of connecting emerging filmmakers with mentors to provide them with a year­long mentorship to help guide their careers into the national film and television arena.

Up to seven (7) participants will be chosen per year.

Preference will be given to applicants who have submitted a film to the 2016 Yorkton Film Festival May 26 –29, 2016.

Program Design

Participants will receive up to 52 hours of mentorship and guidance over the course of one year. YFF will used best efforts to ensure the first meeting between participant and mentor will take place in person at the 2016 Yorkton Film Festival (May 26 ­ 29).

YFF will work with the participants and mentors via monthly check­-ins to monitor the mentorship.

Participants and mentors will meet again the following year at the 2017 Yorkton Film Festival to discuss accomplishments, challenges and next steps following the termination of the mentorship. YFF will make best efforts to publicly screen any film created as part of the RBC Yorkton Film Festival Mentorship Program.


YFF must receive your application by 5:00 pm CST April 29

YFF will notify successful applicants by May 6, 2016.

Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted no later than May 12, 2016.

YFF will cover successful applicants airfare and accommodation costs associated with travel and attendance at the 2016 Yorkton Film Festival.

Support Materials

In addition to this application, you will require the following support materials (to be submitted with the application):

A Curriculum Vitae stating your production experience, including a detailed description of your role on each production and the following information about each project: the writer/producer/director, genre, production company, if it was a student film, final running time, any broadcasts and/or theatrical release; if it is in development, production, post or completed.

A Letter of Intent that speaks to your interest in the program. Please include a description of what you hope to achieve by participating in the mentorship program, both within the program and after. Include your thoughts about the particular skills you would like to improve, and how you plan to do so during the program.

A Reference Letter from an established Executive Producer, Agent, Broadcast Executive or equivalent within the Media Industry. Ideally this person should be able to speak to your most recent successes and your readiness for this program.

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