2016 Screening Schedule

The festival is proud to bring you a selection of films from this year’s Golden Sheaf Awards covering a wide variety of topics and genres. Entry into all screenings is free of charge.

Please note: The times for Mobilize and The Complete Works have changed. Mobilize now runs at 4:00PM Saturday and The Complete Works now runs at 5:15PM Saturday.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Morning

BMO Sports Lounge

9:55AM – Tortellini
10:10AM – Macramé
10:25AM – Lockwood
10:40AM – Officer 332
11:10AM – Asteroid
11:30AM – Never Steady, Never Still

Ravine Room

9:15AM – The Prairie Diner
9:45AM – Drive for Free 2: The Revolution Continues
10:45AM – Scout & The Gumboot Kids
11:00AM – Boomtowners

Friday Afternoon

BMO Sports Lounge

12:00PM – Debris
12:25PM – Shadow of a Giant
1:05PM – The Red Path
1:30PM – I Wrecked My House
2:00PM – Nordic Lodge
2:30PM – Sticks & Stones
3:30PM – Escape or Die
4:00PM – Loss of Contact
4:15PM – Boy Toys
4:30PM – Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr

Ravine Room

12:00PM – Et tu, Dude?
1:00PM – It Takes Guts
1:55PM – Driving with Selvi
3:00PM – Interrupt This Program – Beirut
3:30PM – The Foreigner
3:50PM – 7 Minutes
4:10PM – Benjamin
4:35PM – Twitch
4:50PM – Carface

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Morning

Saturday Afternoon

BMO Sports Lounge

12:00PM – Brown Town Muddy Water
1:00PM – Sex Spirit Strength
2:00PM – Assini
2:20PM – A Chance to Speak
3:05PM – The Oka Legacy
4:00PM – Mobilize
4:50PM – Motus
5:15PM – The Complete Works

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Morning

Ravine Room

9:30AM – 7 Minutes
9:45AM – Mia’
10:00AM – The Red Path
10:20AM – The Complete Works
11:10AM – Sex Spirit Strength

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