7 Minutes

Friday May 27, 2016 – 3:50PM – Ravine Room

A young, hard-working Cree student named Marie leaves the library and uses the short seven-minute walk home to plan out her next day. She doesn’t know that a man is following her the entire time, trying to get her in his van. 7 Minutes is a re-enactment of what happened in that short period of time, told by the real Marie. In her audio interview, she says she is lucky to be able to tell her story because it could have been much worse, as the realities of missing and murdered Indigenous women crisis are now in people’s minds. The film’s final sequence features Marie continuing back to school, mindful of how some men perceive Indigenous women, and knowing that her aggressor is a fellow student.
Short Subject (Non-Fiction)

Creative Team

Tasha Hubbard
Marilyn Poitras
Tasha Hubbard
Production Company
Otacimow Production Inc.

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