Louis Says II

Set in a northern community, Louis Says is an animated children series which follows the adventures of Randy, an imaginative six-year-old boy who helps his community under the guidance of Louis, a kind-hearted Cree elder. Every day Louis gives Randy a task but the challenge for both is that Louis speaks mostly Cree and Randy only speaks English. Before Randy can help his neighbors he has to figure out the meaning of the Cree words. However, Randy is a bit impatient, and he is tempted to complete the task without knowing the correct meaning of the words. Featuring sixteen new stories season two of Louis Says will follow Randy, his dog Osky and friend Katie’s new adventures as they help their neighbors while learning new words in Cree.
Children’s and Youth

Creative Team

Raquel Lopez, Jerry Thevenet
Lioz Bouganin, Deborah Charles
Raquel Lopez
Production Company
Landslide Entertainment, Y’utthe Askiy Productions


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