Scout & The Gumboot Kids

Friday May 27, 2016 – 10:45AM – Ravine Room

Scout & The Gumboot Kids is a hybrid animated and live-action television series that inspires pre-school aged children and their families to mindfully explore nature. The series airs weekday mornings on Kids’ CBC.

Scout is a curious mouse who leads the Gumboot Kids through a series of clues that take them outdoors to solve natures mysteries. The show is meant to be a bridge between the family room and the outdoors.

“Scout & The Gumboot Kids” is endorsed by the David Suzuki Foundation and the UCLA Global Media Centre for Social Impact.

The series is created by Tara Hungerford & Eric Hogan of Two Story Productions and features music by Juno Award winning artist, Jessie Farrell.

Children’s and Youth

Creative Team

Tara Hungerford, Eric Hogan
Eric Hogan, Tara Hungerford, Dave Valleau, Tex Antonucci, Lori Lozinski, Robert Murdoch, Bruce Kahkesh
Molly Lawlor(mindfulness consultant), Angela Sali(educational consultant), Michelle Tseng (zoologist)
Production Company
Two Story Productions Inc., Imagine Create Media

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