The Equalizer

Every year, top athletes set new world records. But are today’s record holders really better than those of the past? Or do modern athletes get their edge from their high tech gear?
Top sports scientist Steve Haake sets off on a journey to investigate.
Steve travels to Canada, the USA, and Germany to meet five champions: Canadian sprinter Andre de Grasse, American track cyclist Sarah Hammer, German freestyle swimmer Paul Biedermann and javelin thrower Christina Obergföll, and Canadian kayaker Adam van Koeverden.
Each athlete demonstrates how their modern training and equipment enhances their performance, and then Steve challenges them to compete against a legendary athlete using old-school vintage gear. Sprinter Andre De Grasse must attempt to beat the world record of the legendary Jesse Owens while wearing replicas of his shoes and running on a 1930s era track. Sarah Hammer rides a 1960s era bike to compete against British champion Beryl Burton. Paul Biedermann eschews his full body suit to compete against Mark Spitz in his 1970s era Speedo. Javelin Thrower Christina Obergföll competes against a world record holder of the 1980s – Fatima Whitbread – using a javelin from her era. And Canadian kayaker Adam van Koeverden moves from his computer designed carbon fibre kayak to a vintage wooden model to challenge 1940s era Swedish legend, Gert Fredriksson.
Each experimental matchup has a surprising result.
Documentary Science/Nature/Technology

Creative Team

Rebecca Snow
Robert Lang
Karen Dougherty
Production Company
Kensington Communication Inc., Berlin Producers

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