Transforming Gender

We live in a society defined by the always-spreading embrace of minority or disenfranchised groups. The last 100 years have seen one excluded group after another pursue equality in the public square. Immigrants, women, blacks, gays and lesbians, one by one these groups permanently shifted the balance of power, overhauled our values—and redefined the meaning of normal.

Now a new community is rising in prominence. And while the pursuit of rights and protection for transgendered people is decades behind that of gays and lesbians, blacks or women, few doubt that the era of transgendered enfranchisement is upon us. TRANSFORMING GENDER tells that story through a series of intimate portraits of transgendered people from all walks of life, and from across Canada.

Documentary Social/Political

Creative Team

Marc de Guerre
Rachel Low Robyn Hutt
Charlotte Odele
Production Company
Mad Hive Media


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