2017 Screening Schedule

The festival is proud to bring you a selection of films from this year’s Golden Sheaf Awards covering a wide variety of topics and genres. Entry into all screenings is free of charge.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Morning

BMO Sports Lounge

9:15AM – Maple Creek Massacre: The Dragon of Wapashoe Springs
9:35AM – Dreamers
9:55AM – Stigma
10:15AM – Gas Can
10:40AM – Love Stinks
11:00AM – Blood Harvest
11:35AM – Imitations
11:55AM – Spooksbury

Ravine Room

9:00AM – Al Sparks: The Fighting Saint
9:30AM – The Grasslands Project
9:45AM – Oscar
10:25AM – 19 Days
11:00AM – Saskatchewanderer 2016
11:40AM – Extraordinary Canadians: Tommy Douglas

Friday Afternoon

BMO Sports Lounge

12:25PM – Stolen
12:45PM – Colonization Road
1:45PM – Looking for Mike
2:40PM – Being Greene
3:35PM – The Brain’s Way of Healing
4:30PM – The Door
5:00PM – Show and Tell

Ravine Room

12:10PM – The Secret Life of Pianos
1:10PM – Move
1:25PM – Late Harvest
1:55PM – Crack the Cypher
2:10PM – Inside these Walls
3:00PM – In the Name of Confucius
4:00PM – Theatre Beyond Walls with Paul Thompson

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Morning

BMO Sports Lounge

9:00AM – Little Folk of the Artic
9:10AM – Ogress of the Gravelbank
9:20AM – The Owl and the Lemming
9:30AM – Lilly Hits the Road
9:40AM – Scout and the Gumboot Kids
9:55AM – Lookout
10:15AM – Edna’s Bloodline
11:25AM – Hand.Line.Cod
11:45AM – Fix and Release

Saturday Afternoon

BMO Sports Lounge

12:30PM – Sustainable Me
1:00PM – Emergency Room: Life and Death at the VGH
2:00PM – Road to Mercy
3:05PM – In Her Veins
3:35PM – Sirocco: Winds of Resistance
4:15PM – RISE – Sacred Water

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