Al Sparks: The Fighting Saint

Screening Time

Fri, May 26, 2017 – 09:00 AM – Ravine Room


Al Sparks was a hometown hero who lived his life in the boxing ring. He held the Canadian light heavyweight title for a number of years, he was dedicated athlete and an inductee into the Manitoba sports hall of fame.
Those who knew him personally talk of a god-fearing man who put family first. A man who would take the time to help train new boxers whenever he was at the gym, A man who worked as a porter for CN in order to provide for the needs of his family.
Those who sparred with him talk of a slick fighter someone that was hard to hit when you got in the ring with him. A style comparable to Muhammad Ali however he did not copy Ali’s style, this was the way Al fought.
The documentary tells the story of Al Sparks a dedicated athlete who due to geographical restrictions, inability to get career advancing fights and the death of Stu Gray after his fight with him in 1972 did not get the recognition that he so richly deserved.
This is a 20 minute documentary that tells the story of this amazing yet humble man through interviews with friends, training partners, protégés, sports writers and historians with the back drop of stock photos, footage and reenactments.



Creative Team


David Zellis


Shelly Anthis, Craig Guiboche, David Zellis, Roger Boyer


Shelly Anthis

Production Company

Zell-Koj Studio

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