Journeys to Adäka


Journeys to Adäka is the story of indigenous artists from the Yukon who look to the past for strength to overcome a legacy of hurt, and in the process are becoming cultural giants and leaders. This one-hour documentary follows seven Yukon First Nation performers and artists in the months leading to Adäka Cultural Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Journeys to Adäka takes us into carving sheds, kitchens and community halls where artists and their families are reconnecting with their ancestors, healing, and moving personal mountains to each find their light. The process is familiar – rehearsals, training, crafting – but the backdrop of distant northern communities and an intimate view of their lives serves up both difficult lessons and inspiration. Journeys to Adäka paints a moving portrait of self-empowered indigenous communities at an inflection point in our history. This documentary was produced in association with Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association.




Documentary Arts/Culture

Creative Team


Fritz Mueller


Teresa Earle


Teresa Earle

Production Company

Sagafish Media

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