Theatre Beyond Walls with Paul Thompson

Screening Time

Fri, May 26, 2017 – 04:00 PM – Ravine Room


“Theatre Beyond Walls with Paul Thompson” is a 45 minute documentary about the history of collective theatre — how it shocked Canada and ignited a nationalist movement. It explores the beginnings of English-speaking Canadian theatre in the 1960s and 70s. The film explains how one unassuming farm boy, Paul Thompson, was the catalyst that put Canadian stories on stage and ignited a cultural revolution. Interviews with Thompson and a host of acclaimed theatre artists weave through this radical journey. Rich archival footage brings to life the extraordinary theatrical accomplishments that occurred during this seminal time in Canadian theatre; happenings that continue to inspire today’s rich Canadian theatrical community.
This film features never seen before footage of the infamous, groundbreaking play ‘The Farm Show’ and shares intimate interviews with Paul Thompson, Michael Ondaatje, Linda Griffiths, Rick Salutin, David Fox, Anne Anglin, Eric Peterson, Graham Greene, and many others.




Documentary Arts/Culture

Creative Team


Rachel Thompson


Rachel Thompson, Scott Blackett


Kristina Howard

Production Company

Thunderchild Productions

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