2018 Screening Schedule

The festival is proud to bring you a selection of films from this year’s Golden Sheaf Awards covering a wide variety of topics and genres. Entry into all screenings is free of charge.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Morning

Ravine Room

9:00AM – Hedgehog’s Home
9:20AM – The Mountain of SGaana
9:40AM – Threads
10:00AM – Charles
10:20AM – Skin for Skin
10:50AM – I Am War
11:45AM – Searching for Winnetou

Friday Afternoon

BMO Sports Lounge

12:20PM – Talking at Night
12:45PM – The Wild Canadian Year
1:40PM – Howland’s Honey
2:15PM – Bridging Borders
2:50PM – My Piece of the City
4:00PM – Standup Toronto

Ravine Room

12:40PM – Mustard Seed
1:00PM – Game
1:25PM – Eros
1:45PM – The Things You Think I’m Thinking
2:10PM – Pearls
2:30PM – The Tesla World Light
2:50PM – Maybe if it were a Nice Room
3:05PM – Newborn
3:20PM – Evelyn and I
3:35PM – Nereo
4:00PM – The Apprenticeship of Raffael Cocco
4:25PM – Under the Radar
5:00PM – Sliding Away

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday Morning

BMO Sports Lounge

9:00AM – Nadine
9:15AM – Daisy and the Gumboot Kids
9:30AM – Kid Diners
10:05AM – Snow
10:25AM – Studio K: The Musical
10:45AM – The Undertaker’s Son
11:10AM – Frigid
11:35AM – The Now

Ravine Room

9:00AM – The Protocol – Office Avenger
9:15AM – Must Kill Karl
9:40AM – Tinder Mercies
10:00AM – 2081
10:20AM – Mosquito
11:40AM – Manitoba Barns: Our Hometown Rinks

Saturday Afternoon

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