Bridging Borders

Screening Time

Fri, May 25, 2018 – 2:15 PM – BMO Sports Lounge


Bridging Borders: Observational series that follows the lives of refugees as they integrate into Canadian society.  Wavelength Entertainment will collaborate with various organizations throughout Canada to document the stories, characters and lives of these courageous new Canadian residents.  Three Canadian Newcomers, three different communities, three different sets of challenges.

Each of the three Canadian Newcomers will have similar issues as they navigate: legal/immigration paperwork, language issues, finding a home, school, job, getting health cards etc., but the solutions and outcomes will vary drastically depending on which town they landed in the immigration lottery.  Each community will offer new and different sets of challenges for our Canadian Newcomers and will allow the viewer to see the cultures, customs, lifestyles, issues, beauty and challenges of Saskatchewan through their eyes.

The series arc will follow the first 6 months as they leave their country of origin, through the first challenges of starting a new life. How will they adjust to their new towns, neighbors, schools and culture? Will they be accepted?  What will it be like for them to experience their first winter or hockey game?

Bust stereotypes, follow the challenges, drama, and humor in real time as three families attempt the biggest move of their lives as Canadian Newcomers.




Documentary Series

Creative Team


Colin McNeil


Christopher Triffo, Steve Allen, Ellen Bumphrey (Associate Producer)


Lanna Lucas

Production Company

Newcomers Productions Inc.

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