Ageless Gardens


The documentary series Ageless Gardens is a visual celebration of gardens and gardeners, with a special emphasis on the role gardens can play in healthy aging.

Episode #101: “Healing Plants”
A renowned writer attributes her health and longevity to gardening. A medicine woman finds remedies for her people in ‘nature’s pharmacy.’ A sculptor who has gardened for over 70 years gains inspiration. A controversial healing plant, in cookie form, is used as a natural sleeping pill.

Episode #103: “The Wild Garden”
A restaurateur forages for wild mushrooms to use in his world-renowned eatery. Sisters-in-law bloggers locate wild plants for tea, and a nighttime tonic. An entrepreneur harvests seaweed for topical and edible uses. A west coast gardener rescues wild plants that create an oasis for local wildlife.




Documentary Series

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Ian Toews


Mark Bradley, David Springbett, Ian Toews / Supervising Producer: Beverley Shenken / Executive Producer: Moses Znaimer

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