Chasing Monsters: Parkinson’s and the Power of Art

Screening Time

Saturday, 25 May 2019 at 11:00 AM – Ravine Room


Kevin Whittaker is a former Ontario Superior Court judge who was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, an aggressive form of Parkinson’s disease. After his diagnosis, Kevin found some respite from his hallucinations through painting, resulting in his eerie and kaleidoscopic art show, Chasing Monsters. His paintings depict a sinister figure head and ominous figures that appear more monstrous than human, their other-worldly eyes staring hauntingly from the canvass, just as they do to Kevin.

Since leaving his role as a public servant, Kevin paints as a new form of public service, and donates all of his proceeds to Parkinson’s LBD Research. ‘Chasing Monsters’ was his first of three art shows in 2018, which Kevin states is a “manifestation of hallucinations, erratic memory, and generalized physical discomfort…interspersed with many moments of joy and personal growth in directions I have never before experienced.”

In Jeana McCabe’s, Chasing Monsters documentary, Kevin’s story is an inspirational and intimate portrait of his struggle from first diagnosis to now, where he is managing his Parkinson’s with prolific creative expression.




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Jeana McCabe

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