Midnight Shine – Heart of Gold (Cover)


Roots-rockers Midnight Shine have been lighting up the music world all the way from the James Bay. Lead single on their latest album High Road is an exceptional cover of Neil Young’s Heart of Gold, bringing a timely new sound to a timeless classic. The music video received 3k views on its first day of release, 30k in its first two weeks, and media coverage from coast to coast. It’s being called “joyful, beautiful, important, and truly Canadian.” Shot in the isolated Cree community of Attawapiskat, people from around are discovering this truly beautiful – and clever – little video.




Performing Arts & Entertainment

Creative Team


Cliff Hokanson, RoseAnna Schick


RoseAnna Schick, Cliff Hokanson, Adrian Sutherland


RoseAnna Schick

Production Company

RAS Creative / Too Much Fun Pictures Inc. / Midnight Shine Music

Music Publisher

Wixen Music Publishing, Inc.

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