Pity Face: The Making of a One-Woman Show

Screening Time

Saturday, 25 May 2019 at 4:20 PM – BMO Sports Lounge


Having cancer sucks. The fear, the fatigue, the way it changes your body and makes you confront your own mortality. It all sucks.

But for Lisa Pijuan-Nomura, a beloved performer and multi-media artist based in Hamilton Ontario, one of the worst things about having breast cancer is the way some people look at her: with pity face. But the patronizing looks of sympathy and the sappy words of condescension only serve to push Lisa forward.

This intimate documentary begins as Lisa emerges from breast cancer treatment and follows her into her studio as she works to develop a one-woman stage show about her experience with the disease. She is calling it Pity Face.

Funny, intimate, and raw, the film invites audiences into Lisa’s world and experiences. We watch as she completes her last cancer treatment, witness how she navigates difficult conversations with her young son, and follow her as she works to build Pity Face, a bold one-woman show.




Documentary Arts/Culture

Creative Team


Chanda Chevannes


Chanda Chevannes

Production Company

Chanda Chevannes Productions

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