Super Mighty Makers


Super Mighty Makers is the kids show that is changing the world one craft at a time! From making a new student in school feel welcome, to cheering up a friend with a broken leg, or creating a care package for an elderly neighbour, kids are inspired to have fun and save the day with cool crafts, creativity and kindness. Led by super-crafting host Bondini, a team of kid superheroes with special DIY powers, answer the call of one special kid on a mission to make someone’s day in every episode. With each act of kindness, the Super Mighty Makers show how you can have fun and make a positive change to the lives of others.




Children’s/Youth Production

Creative Team


Steve Diguer


Mark J.W. Bishop, Matthew Hornburg, Jamie Piekarz, Stephen J. Turnbull, Marney Malabar, Jacquie Rushlow


Adam Hopwood

Production Company


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