Dear Mr. Dudley


At the age of thirty-one, Morgan Tams sent a letter to a complete stranger on the other side of the country. All he had was a name – and a hunch that his person was the father he never met.

Dear Mr. Dudley follows a series of hand-written letters that trace the five thousand, eight hundred, and fifty-two kilometres between the filmmaker and his absentee father. With every turn of the page and bump of the long road between them, their newly discovered relationship slowly blossoms into an ethereal reflection on memory, distance, and family.

Armed with a Super8 camera and his trusty old van, Morgan sets out along the lesser highways of Canada from coastal British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, following the path of their written correspondence. As quiet towns, boundless prairie, and grand vistas drift past the open window, thirty-one years of silence between father and son unfold letter by letter, line by line.




Short Subject – Non-Fiction

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Morgan Rhys Tams


Morgan Rhys Tams


Morgan Rhys Tams


Morgan Tams

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HIGH // LONESOME Media Productions

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