I am Métis: Ceinture Fléchée


Elders, artisans, and scholars in the Métis community unite to preserve one of the oldest symbols since New France (Canada)… the Métis sash.

I am Metis: Ceinture Fléchée is the first comprehensive documentary on the Métis sash in over three decades. Host and Narrator, Andrea Menard, takes the viewer into a detailed look at the sash’s: origin, symbolism, construction and historical applications. Through this journey we learn how the sash became the main visual identifier for the Métis people. A powerful documentary that inspires our youth to learn the importance of our past. 

Celebrity guest appearances by: President Clément Chartier of the Métis National Council, Ray St. Germain, Ryan McMahon and Brandon Courchene (Canada’s Got Talent Winner: Sagkeeng’s Finest)




Ruth Shaw Award (Best of Saskatchewan)

Creative Team


Trevor Chilton


Trevor Chilton


Trevor Chilton


Trevor Chilton

Production Company

Cre8iv Ideas

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