Takaya: Lone Wolf


When a male lone wolf is spotted prowling a small, uninhabited archipelago just off the coast of Victoria, environmentalist and conservation photographer Cheryl Alexander is captivated. With her extraordinary commitment and connection with the wolf, Cheryl unearths a compelling seven-year tale of an animal that pushes the boundaries of his world — and ours. Takaya: Lone Wolf recounts the inspirational story of one animal’s resilience, adaptation and survival as he takes on the odds, and reveals that humans can coexist with apex predators that are often perceived as a lethal threat.

Fascinated by Takaya from the moment she first spots him howling at sunset. Amid widespread rumours and theories, she’s determined to find out where he came from, how he got to what’s known as Discovery Island and how he survives in his new marine environment — a place lacking any deer or elk to hunt and a year-round supply of freshwater. Another mystery is why, despite being a highly social pack animal, Takaya appears to have chosen to live a life of quiet isolation. Cheryl wonders what lies in store for Takaya in his solitary existence. That is, until she finds out a female wolf has been spotted on the edges of the city. And it looks like she’s headed for Discovery Island.




Documentary Science/Nature/Technology

Website/Social Media


Creative Team


Mary M. Frymire, Martin Williams


Andre Barro, Martin Williams, Gaby Bastyra, Cheryl Alexander, Bruce Whitty


Mary M. Frymire

Production Company

Cineflix, Talesmith, MBM TV Inc.

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