Take Good Care of Each Other: The Fred Penner Story


Best known for his long running television series “Fred Penner’s Place” and hit song “The Cat Came Back”, for decades musical icon Fred Penner has been using his engaging personality and public speaking skills to excite audiences like no other.

He is a constant inspiration for his fans of all ages, but what is it that Fred really does for people? Why is Fred’s message and music more important than ever? How did Fred go from a struggling musician to the North American sensation dubbed the “Canadian Minister of Positivity”? How did difficult moments from Fred’s youth shape his life as a performer? Take this highly engaging journey to discover how Fred Penner connects with audiences and makes sense of the world.




Documentary History & Biography

Creative Team


Aaron Floresco


Aaron Floresco, Kyle Bornais


Aaron Floresco


Aaron Floresco

Production Company

Past Perfect Productions

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