The Art of Downsizing


Award winning filmmaker Geeta Sondhi grapples with mementos, materialism and mortality in her emotional documentary, The Art of Downsizing. The film takes a series of unexpected twists and turns as it follows three seniors packing up a life’s worth of belongings to prepare for a future destined to fall out of control.

Once the perfect fifties housewife, Barb, 79, is selling the house she entertained in, raised children in – and more recently, lost her husband in. Bill, 62, is digging himself out from under a mountain of inherited antiquities with emotional connections that weigh heavily on his heart and soul. And then there’s Kathleen, the quintessential, matriarch who struts into her 90th birthday party like Beyonce at the Superbowl.. but is brought to her knees at the prospect of parting with her most precious souvenir from days gone by.

Who am I without my belongings? What shapes me – the real or the ideal? Do I own my possessions or do they own me?

Beautifully woven together with wit, compassion and humanity The Art of Downsizing is a multi-layered, existential exploration of the excruciating decisions involved in navigating one of the least talked-about yet most significant transitions any of us will ever make.




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Geeta Sondhi


Geeta Sondhi


Geeta Sondhi


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