The Physics of Sorrow

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Sometimes, the Apocalypse is a strictly personal affair… We are all immigrants, even if the only country we’ve left behind is childhood, abandoning it along with our collections of chewing-gum wrappers, toy cars, games, and pecks on the cheek. We don’t truly feel at home until we open up our suitcase—this “time capsule” holding the hidden treasures of our youth.

The Physics of Sorrow is the first fully animated film created using encaustic painting, a technique developed in antiquity. Directed by Theodore Ushev, the film is inspired by Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov’s novel The Physics of Sorrow and narrated by Rossif Sutherland.




Animation, Multicultural (Under 30 Minutes), Director (Fiction), Kathleen Shannon Award

Creative Team


Theodore Ushev


Marc Bertrand


Theodore Ushev

Production Company

National Film Board of Canada

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