The Seven Wonders Of Manitoba

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When asked about Manitoba, most Canadians think of two words, flat and boring. But if you decide to venture off the beaten path, you’ll discover an amazing and diverse landscape, rarely visited by tourists. The land goes through many dramatic changes, as the rolling plains crash into the ancient mountains of the Precambrian shield. In the center of the province is a massive deposit of limestone bedrock, shaped into a mysterious network of caves and crevices. And along the eastern edge of the province, extending northward to Hudson Bay lies one of the last untouched wilderness areas left in the world, home to some of our country’s most iconic and endangered animals. This documentary series highlights seven of Manitoba’s most outstanding sites, focusing on their unique natural features, geological history, and the wildlife that inhabits them. On this journey, you will get a complete picture of Manitoba’s pristine natural beauty and discover some of our country’s best-kept secrets in the process.




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