2014 Entry Categories

We are currently preparing for the 2015 Call for Submissions. Please note these categories are for reference use only. Any and all categories are subject to change prior to the 2015 Call for Submissions launch.

Main Entry Categories


Any frame by frame or computer-assisted animated film or video that relies primarily on creative animation techniques to tell a story.

Children’s/Youth Productions

Any single production or series in any genre that is clearly intended for the entertainment and/or education of children or youth.

All entry fees are non-refundable. Entry fees must be submitted with the production at time of entry. All cheques must be included with the film submission shipment.


Any work in any genre intended primarily to elicit laughter or provide humour.

Community Television Productions

A production in any genre that is produced by and intended solely for broadcast by a community television company for which it owns the copyright.


Programs that are comprised primarily of the dramatic portrayal of characters, settings, life situations and stories.

Digital Media

An original production, in any genre, created for and first released on digital platforms (other than television) such as mobile, web and other portable or interactive devices. Works primarily intended for promotional or marketing purposes are not eligible in this category.


A filmmaker’s expression in any genre using unconventional and innovative production practices and techniques.


A continuing non-fiction series about daily living with topics such as design, home decoration, food, makeovers, sex, travel, and recreational interests etc. Programs may include elements shot in studio or in the field.


Programs in any genre that reflect Canada’s racial diversity and multicultural landscape.

Performing Arts & Entertainment

Programs which use music and/or performance to entertain or showcase artistic achievement.

Short Subject

Productions in any genre, on any subject, which are 15 minutes or less in length.

Student Productions

A production in any genre that is produced and/or directed by a full-time student enrolled in a post-secondary institution. Entrants must not have been previously employed as a producer or director in the film or television industry.

Documentary Arts/Culture

Documentaries relating to the world of art and culture.

Documentary History & Biography

Documentaries with predominantly historical themes or those which document the life of a person or persons.

Documentary History

Merged with documentary biography.

Documentary Nature/Environment

Merged with documentary science/medicine/technology.

Documentary POV (Point of View)

Documentaries which present a personal, first-person or filmmaker point of view or narrative.

Documentary Science/Nature/Technology

Documentaries that explore topics and/or issues in the nature/environmental, science, medicine, or technology fields.

Documentary Short Subject

Discontinued. Please see “Short Subject” instead.

Documentary Social/Political

Documentaries about politics, social issues and current events.

Documentary Series

A minimum of six documentaries would be considered a series. Two episodes must be submitted to represent the series.

Craft Categories

Director (Fiction)

Presented to the director(s) of a dramatic production.

Director (Non-Fiction)

Presented to the director(s) of a documentary or other factual production.


This award recognizes the contribution and role of the researcher in documentary production. It can be awarded for content/story research and/or archival stock shot research.

Sub Categories

Productions entered in any of the main categories and which meet the specific eligibility criteria, may also compete for the following awards:

Aboriginal Award

Programs either fiction or non-fiction that explore issues relating to aboriginal peoples, tell aboriginal stories or present an aboriginal perspective. At least one of the key creative positions (producer, writer or director) must be a person of aboriginal descent. See entry form for more on eligibility guidelines and submission details.

Emerging Filmmaker Award

Awarded to a filmmaker (specifically a director) in recognition of his/her first professional production in any genre.  See entry form for more on eligibility guidelines and submission details.

Ruth Shaw Award (Best of Saskatchewan)

A cash award honouring the best of Saskatchewan.  Open to all Saskatchewan productions in all genres. See entry form for eligibility rules/point structure and submission details.

Special Awards

All productions entered in any of the main categories will automatically be considered for the following special awards:

Best of the Festival

The Golden Sheaf Award of excellence will be presented to the most outstanding production of the festival.

The Founders’ Award

A $500 cash award and plaque in memory of the founding members of the Yorkton festival will be presented to an outstanding production exemplifying historical Canadian characters or events.

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