2015 High School Student Day

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Each year, the Yorkton Film Festival focuses on educating youths from across the province by connecting them with content development mentors. This is a province-wide initiative.

The day is a hands-on mentorship program, with students paired up with experienced content developers (directors, producers, editors, writers, etc.) to learn about the filmmaking process. Students are broken into groups, with a ration of 5 students per instructor.

The students work on a single scene for the day. The scene would be set up as much as possible as it would if it were an actual movie shoot. Students, based on their areas of interest would be assigned into specific areas of production: camera, sound, lights, directing, editing, etc.

This is a huge opportunity for students to learn firsthand about content development and the filmmaking process. It provides a forum to explore a potential future working in the film industry.

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