Films to Honour our Veterans

For 74 years the Yorkton Film Festival has been providing Canadian short films, year-round, to audiences. And from our robust collection of films; this Remembrance Day, as we take time to reflect and thank our veterans for their courage and sacrifices.

We have identified four films -from our library- that will tell the stories, highlight the contributions and sacrifices. This is to ensure that the history will live on and that future generations are aware of the Canadian history.

These films are available for Free! On DVD. Contact us at or (306)782-7077.

Where the Poppies Grow

When World War 1 was declared, young men across Canada rushed to sign up. One of those young men was Alfred Saxberg, a first-generation Finnish Canadian who saw the war as an opportunity to have some adventures. He would soon learn that there is much more involved in going to war. Where The Poppies Grow: The Lakehead at War is a short docu-drama that follows Alfred as he enlisted, trained and headed off to battle in Europe with the renowned 52nd Battalion – one of the greatest fighting units in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

The Trenches

World War I. The soldiers huddled in the trenches are dreading the order to attack. At the signal, a recruit leaps into a hell of fire and blood where the earth engulfs both the living and the dead. An anti‐war short film created through a masterful contemporization of archival images by Claude Cloutier.

Canada Remembers: Festival for Heroes

At the 2011 “Festival for Heroes”, Veterans who served in WWII, Korea, the Cold War era and Afghanistan, candidly share and tell their individual stories (including the parents of sons who had perished in Afghanistan in 2002). During the Canada Remembers Air Show and Festival for Heroes, related musical tribute performances by Canadian artists were captured on stage, (similar to USO tour productions) providing a great visceral and entertainment value for viewers, but carefully weaved into it are the poignant Veteran’s Interviews recalling their best and worst moments while serving overseas.

War Story: Ortona; The War Inside

The battle for Ortona was combat at its closest, most intimate, and most horrifying. Canadian infantry pitted against the toughest German paratroopers, pounding forward street by street, house by house. The War Inside is a personal retelling of one of the fiercest battles of WWII.

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