A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics

Academy Award-winning director John Zaritsky (Leave Them Laughing, Wild Horse Redemption) delves into the weird and wonderful world of eccentrics. There’s Daniel, who lives productively and happily without using money in a Utah cave, and Laura, who has a duck that can tell people’s fortunes in Vancouver. The film also looks at eccentrics throughout history like Screaming Lord Sutch, a British shock rocker turned politician, Canadian pianist Glenn Gould and Sarah Winchester. There have always been eccentrics among us and it’s time to bring out from the fringes of our society. In the process, perhaps we’ll shed some light on our own neglected passions and potential.
Documentary Point of View

Creative Team

John Zaritsky
Anne Pick, Bill Spahic
John Zaritsky, Bill Spahic, Anne Pick, Lina Trichilo, Elizabeth Cook, Kadon Douglas, Jessica Hall, Nina Beveridge
Production Company
Real to Reel Productions Inc.


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