Hi Opie!

Hi Opie! is an entertaining and heartwarming live-action preschool series that follows the social, emotional and intellectual escapades of 5-year-old Opie, a new kid in kindergarten and your new friend. Opie and his real kid classmates are in their first year of kindergarten – uncertain just what to expect. With each new day, Opie learns more about himself, his friends and his two teachers.

Each story marks a new chapter in Opie’s personal growth as he participates in, struggles with and inevitably succeeds in kindergarten activities. With a clear and attainable goal, it is the process of learning through play – having fun, exploring, asking questions, experimenting with the consequences of one’s actions, persevering through adversity, imagining and, of course, continuing to be curious – that leads to Opie’s personal growth.

Hi Opie! is a fun-filled introduction to the joys, fears, challenges and triumphs of kindergarten.
Children's and Youth Production

Creative Team

Lowell Dean (Associate Director), Phil McCordic (Series Director)
Mark J.W. Bishop, Matthew Hornburg, Patricia Ellingson, Lawrence S. Mirkin, Barbara Slade, Halle Stanford, Lowell Dean, Miklos Perlus, Kate Barris, Sharon Summerling (Broadcasters: TVO, Rogers Broadcasting Limited, Knowledge Network)
Dr. Heather Knoepfli (Educational Consultant)
Production Company
Produced by marblemedia in association with The Jim Henson Company


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