Muneeza in the Middle

Sunday May 24, 2015 – 11:00AM

A fashion-savvy lawyer feels pressured to give up her flashy lifestyle and become a “good” Muslim mother. Muneeza in the Middle is the story of a 2nd generation Muslim at odds with her religion – one that urges modesty in all facets of life. She’s a confident, beautiful, and outspoken lawyer who turns heads with her piercings, fitted clothing, and cosmetic enhancements. Muneeza is also a devout worshiper. Is the fight to keep her own identity justified? Does the religion create a double standard? These are some of the questions that torment Muneeza once she becomes a mother. She wants to change for her daughter, but not lose herself. Muneeza’s story will resonate with every woman who has become a mother. Director Hoda Elatawi spent five years documenting this fascinating and often ironic struggle between faith, family, fashion, and ultimately, identity. This small look into a much bigger world exposes real tensions between Islam and Western culture – all through seemingly innocuous issues. From wearing nail polish to speaking loudly, her everyday actions reflect a need to make major life choices. Friends, family and objective experts reveal an even more diverse Muslim community to help round out Muneeza’s story, insisting there’s no harder identity to navigate today than that of a modern Muslim. If that’s true, Muneeza is sure to be a revelation to many people, and relatable to many more.
Documentary Social/Political

Creative Team

Hoda Elatawi
Hoda Elatawi
June Chua, Sue Stranks, Arthur Holbrook and Ron Allen
Production Company
GAPC Entertainment Inc.


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