Treading Water

Friday May 22, 2015 - 1:00PM
In 2011, 2100 First Nation people were forced from their homes after artificially diverted floodwater swamped their communities to save the city of Winnipeg and other major urban centers.

Three years later, evacuees are still stranded and drowning as the pawns in a political firestorm between the First Nation bands, the Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters, hotel owners and the federal and provincial governments. The displacement has triggered a rise in substance abuse and suicide rates. Plans for getting people home seem to be at a standstill.
Research, Aboriginal, Documentary Social/Political

Creative Team

Janelle Wookey, Jérémie Wookey
Jannelle Wookey, Jérémie Wookey
Production Company
Wookey Films, Nüman Films

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