2015 Entry Rules

Below are the final 2015 Call for Submissions Entry Rules. Please read through all conditions before clicking submit at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to download these rules, we have them available in PDF.


Canadian filmmakers, producers and distributors are invited to submit their original work to the 2014 Yorkton Film Festival competition for the Golden Sheaf Awards. Canadian productions 60 minutes and under will be accepted. A Canadian production is defined as any production which would qualify as a certified production under current regulations applied by CAVCO. International co-productions are eligible only if the director is Canadian.

A single production cannot compete in multiple categories. It is eligible to be entered in one main category only.

Exception: If your production is part of an anthology documentary series and you are entering the series in the Documentary Series category (see definition of “Documentary Series” in Entry Categories) then single, stand-alone episodes of the series may also be entered in one or more of the other main documentary categories. A separate entry form and fee are required for each entry.

The final decision regarding interpretation of the rules and regulations including the eligibility of any production for admission into the competition will be the responsibility of the festival.


  1. $50.00 per entry for all main categories prior to Nov. 21, 2014. $70.00 prior to Dec. 19, 2014. $95.00 afterward.
  2. The entry fee for Student Production is $20.00 prior to Dec, 19, 2014. $40.00 afterward.
  3. All main category submissions will be automatically considered for craft category nominations (no additional fee is required).

All entry fees are non-refundable. Entry fees must be submitted with the production at time of entry. All cheques must be included with the film submission shipment.

How to submit

  1. Read the complete festival rules and regulations.
  2. Submit your entry form and credit card payment through the Yorkon Film Festival Submittable page.
  3. Entries are accepted online only. If are unable to submit a digital copy of your film, please contact the festival office for assistance.

Digital entries must be submitted no later than midnight CST, January 31, 2015.


Entrants are responsible for the technical quality of their submissions. Entries which cannot be adequately judged because of technical problems prior to upload/submission will be deemed ineligible.

Please note there is a 4GB file size limit for all submissions.


Via Submittable’s terms and conditions:

INFORMATION RIGHTS. Submittable will not share information associated with You or any submissions from your Web Properties with any third parties unless Submittable (i) has Your consent; (ii) concludes that it is required by law or has a good faith belief that access, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of Submittable, its users or the public; or (iii) provides such information in anonymous or aggregated form.

A backup of each submission will also be downloaded to the local festival server. Two DVD copies will be made for use in the festival mini-cinema and festival library (details below). Any additional copies made for jury adjudication purposes will be properly disposed of after use.


Qualified jurors, selected by the festival, will judge the entries. Awards may not be given in categories where, in the opinion of the jurors, the entries do not merit distinction. In the case of entries of three or less in any category, the festival reserves the right to collapse that category.

In this event, the entry will be held over for adjudication in the next year’s festival and the entry fee will carry forward.

Entries will be judged in the category in which they are entered. Please consult with festival staff, ahead of submission, if you are uncertain about which category your production belongs in.


All entrants nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award will be notified immediately following the jury process. Please check website for nominations late March for main categories, and early April for craft categories, at www.goldensheafawards.com.

Award Categories

Entries will be judged and a Golden Sheaf Award will be presented in the categories and craft award categories listed on the Categories page.

Publicity and Promotion

The festival reserves the right to use excerpts from any entry to promote the festival.

Yorkton Film Festival Bursary

At the discretion of the festival and where there is a demonstrated need, festival registration costs may be covered for nominees to attend the festival.

Mini-Cinema Screening Centre

All productions submitted will be available for screening during the festival at Mini-Cinema, an on-demand screening centre during the film festival. Festival participants, distributors, specialty network representatives and buyers, as well as the general public, are invited to screen all festival entries.


A program of Golden Sheaf award productions may be taken on tour to other Canadian centres, following the festival. If your production is selected, it may be included in these special festival-run screenings.


All productions submitted will be archived in the festival library for viewing by the general public (no rental fee will be charged).

Rights and clearances

The entrant warrants that all necessary rights and clearances to the material contained in their production have been secured. The entrant agrees to grant the festival use of their production for the purposes and in the manner indicated above.

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