2019 Festival Panels

We’re excited to bring you this year’s line-up of top-notch panels and workshops from industry leading people from across the the country at this year’s festival.

How Documentary Filmmakers Can Get – and Keep – Access to Characters and Worlds

A key part of making a documentary is getting people, organizations, businesses and government agencies to allow you to film with them. Negotiating that access and keeping it can be difficult. The more delicate the story, characters and arena – and potentially the more fragile or vulnerable they are – the greater the challenge. So, what are the secrets to getting and keeping access? What are the ethical considerations? How do you balance what you need as a storyteller with what the subject’s needs and agendas are?


  • Robert Hardy (Moderator) – Perfect Day Productions
  • Panelists TBA

Meet the Decision Makers

Looking for the right partner or buyer for your project? Sit down with broadcasters, development executives, distributors and executive producers to find out what they’re looking for, ask questions and talk about your projects.


  • TBA


Test your pitching skills and be judged by an esteemed panel of broadcasters, directors and distributors. This is not your regular pitch session so leave your pitches at home. Be brave and spin the Wheel of Spin and see what idea you and your team will be forced to pitch.

Lead by

  • Charlotte Engel – CBC

Super Hands On

This Film is Getting Made

The collaborative art of filmmaking can be a myth when no one else shares your vision. If you’re prepared to move heaven and earth to make your movie, come and hear from a trio of filmmakers who have done likewise, sparing no effort to achieve their unique vision(s).

Because it’s not that they want to make movies, it’s because they HAVE TO.


  • Cam Bennett (Moderator) – Bell MTS
  • Lindsay McIntyre – Film Artist
  • More panelists TBA

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